Fusion Cloud combines the power of Fusion with the simplicity you’d expect in a SaaS-based application.

Zero to a hundred, real quick.

Lucidworks Enterprise Search is a fully functional search application. Once you’ve configured your users and data, you just point users to the URL we provide and voila: Enterprise Search in a matter of minutes.

Increase your Search IQ with Smart Panels.

Users don’t always know what they’re looking for. We built Smart Panels to give you drag-and-drop control over the user’s data experience. Content discovery is front and center for every single search, so users get the most out of your data.

Everything in one place.

Lucidworks Enterprise Search gets the right information to the right person at the right time. Index information from the web, cloud based applications, CSV, or JSON.

Fusion brings it all together with continuous updates so search results are always fresh.

Document level security.

Fusion integrates with your existing SAML-based security - including LDAP and Active Directory. Each user only sees search results they are able to access. Every document is indexed with full granular, document-level security protocols.

AI-powered personalization.

We’ve built a small army of robots whose entire job is to understand your users and fine tune relevancy to ensure the best results.
That’s not exactly how it works, but close enough.

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