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In this episode of Connected Experiences with Jess Jurva, Katie Florez (Senior Manager, PR and Marketing) and Jenny Gomez (Director of the Product Marketing) spoke with Jess about their unique experiences in connecting with their own identities, navigating the nuances of a community, understanding their own privileges, and what a connected experiences means to each of them.

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A major theme that came up was being aware of privilege while also being an ally to those who are not afforded the same privileges. Additionally, the conversation touched on the disparity between the money that many companies have invested in DEI, the overall population of a community, and the continued lack of representation in large companies today.

“The nuance of intersectionality – even within the Latin and Hispanic communities – is vast, and to start unpacking, explaining, and having live conversations about it is so important.”
– Jenny Gomez, Director of Product Marketing, Lucidworks

Katie and Jenny also discussed Equal Pay Day (which was on November 2nd, 2021), the challenges of advocating for one’s worth, championing other women, and the various lessons both have learned throughout their careers. They shared insight on how their relationship with identity shows up in their passions, work, and personal communities, as well as how they think about spending their dollars consciously.

“If we’re not taking the time to build each other up, so much is lost.”
– Katie Florez, Senior Manager of PR, Marketing, Lucidworks

Watch the full interview for more insights, and stay tuned for the next episode of Connected Experiences with Jess Jurva, presented by Lucidworks!

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