Lucidworks serves many of the Global 2000, including companies across Asia, Europe, and Latin America who operate in a dozen or more languages. Today we’re excited to announce the Advanced Linguistics Package on Fusion to provide a personal digital experience for all employees and customers in these multilingual markets. 

Lucidworks now embeds text analytics from Basis Technology, the leading provider of AI for natural language processing, to better understand user intent and provide more relevant answers to queries. Global organizations that support multiple languages for their digital commerce or digital workplace search solutions can now make the information and insights they manage more accessible, more relevant and more personalized for their global audience. 

Deliver the Right Answer in Any Language

The demand for multilingual support is growing across healthcare, financial services, government, and retail, but performing text analysis well in every language is very difficult. Each language has distinct semantics, grammar, and slang. Asian, Middle Eastern, and certain European languages require additional processes to handle unique linguistic phenomena, such as lack of whitespace, compound words, and prefixes. Building, testing, and maintaining the many algorithms and models required to properly support each language is challenging and expensive.

 Example of decompounding German text to understand query.

Further, it is important to accurately extract and structure the key information in the text, often this includes references to people, organizations, products, and locations so that users can quickly hone in on the information that matters most to them. By accurately analyzing the text, in the language it was written, Rosette from Basis Technology helps the Lucidworks Fusion platform deliver the right answers to every user, regardless of where they work or what language they use.

 Example of named entity recognition (NER) of a German query to identify people, locations, dates, and more.

Understand Intent Around the World

Lucidworks’ Advanced Linguistics Package provides language processing in more than 30 languages and advanced entity extraction in 21 languages. By embedding Rosette, Lucidworks Fusion delivers more personalized and relevant results to users around the world, regardless of where they work or what language they use.

“This is a story of two complementary technologies growing even closer together. Search and natural language processing are essential ingredients for making raw data useful,” explains Steve Cohen, COO, Basis Technology. “Whether you are building a more personalized user experience, a smarter product recommendation, or simply trying to answer a question, having AI-driven search with tested, proven NLP will improve efficiency and allow you to get the most possible value from your data.”

Read more about the Fusion Advanced Linguistics Package or contact us today to learn how Lucidworks powers a personalized digital experience for some of the world’s largest multinational brands.

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