Today we are happy to announce the launch of our global partner program.

Our slogan is “Partners First” with an emphasis on putting every partner’s success first. The new program includes comprehensive training and certification by Lucidworks, plus extensive practice with our Fusion platform from real-world projects to ensure the highest-quality implementations for customers across all industries.

“Commvault recognized Lucidworks’ innovative AI, machine learning, and cognitive search features very early on, which is why we are excited to be an early adopter and a Platinum Partner,” said Brian Brockway, Vice President and CTO at Commvault. “This technology partnership will help extend on our leading vision and commitment around data protection with integrated powerful tools that give our joint customers valuable AI-driven insights from their data. The Lucidworks Partner Program will enable our field teams and joint channel partners to collaborate more seamlessly in the acceleration of our joint business opportunities.”

By partnering with us, vendors help form a global network of reliable specialists for customers to rely on to bring the power of the Fusion platform to their organizations. The new program provides the structure to equip customers worldwide with the benefits of the our platform, ensuring a complementary fit with our partners.

“Our focus on partners is key to our strategy to bring the power of machine learning and AI to our customers,” said Will Hayes, CEO of Lucidworks. “With this launch, we are committing to customizing success for each partner. This allows our company and our partners to innovate together, blend our unique capabilities, and reach a broader range of organizations looking for operationalized AI.”

Our program also includes OEM partners looking to create their own solutions with embedded Lucidworks technology on a broader SaaS basis or as part of a managed service cloud platform. Additionally, consulting partners who are already a company’s preferred integration vendor, can generate new revenue as system integrators and trusted advisors.

More reactions from Lucidworks partners:

“At Onix, customers have always come first,” said Tim Needles, President and CEO of Onix, a current Lucidworks partner. “We look forward to the new partner program and how it further enhances our collaboration, so we can continue elevating our customers to the next level of enterprise search, relevancy, and productivity.”

“At Wabion we look back on a long history of enterprise search and knowledge management projects,” said Michael Walther, Managing Director of Wabion. “From the beginning of our partnership with Lucidworks we felt a strong commitment to partners like Wabion. In the end the perfect combination of a great product and an experienced integration partner delivers successful projects to our customers and future prospects. We also believe in the commitment of Lucidworks in the European market and their partners.”

“Raytion’s long-standing partnership with Lucidworks aligns with both companies’ commitment to providing the building blocks for the implementation of world-class enterprise search solutions,” said Valentin Richter, CEO of Raytion. “This program ensures that Raytion’s high-quality connectors and professional services complement the Fusion search and discovery platform. Together, with our combined expertise and technology we provide the robust offering our customers worldwide demand and value.”

“Thanx Media is excited to be a Lucidworks partner as they expand their commitment to the Solr community with their Fusion platform,” said Paul Matker, CEO of Thanx Media. “Fusion’s capabilities fit well with our expertise and customer base in the search space so we can continue to offer best-in-class enterprise solutions that help our customers solve their user experience challenges.”

“As a leading solution provider delivering cognitive and AI-based enterprise solutions, Essextec is pleased to be partnering with such a strong technology leader in intelligent search and discovery,” said Evan H. Herbst, SVP Business Development and Cognitive Innovations at Essex Technology Group, Inc. “Lucidworks has been a very supportive partner to Essextec and our clients. We look forward to accelerating our cognitive and AI business as Lucidworks increases their commitment and resources to working with partners through their new program.”

“During our time as a partner with Lucidworks, we have witnessed their growth from a Solr advisory firm to a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant,” said Michael Cizmar, Managing Director of MC+A. “We are excited to have been an early adopter of this program. We are looking forward to mutual growth by working together delivering data transformation and insights to our customers using Lucidworks’ SDKs, machine learning, and App Studio.”

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