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Predictive Merchandiser for Product Discovery

Merchandise and curate digital experiences with Predictive Merchandiser.


Business Rules

Merchandisers can preview the real world search and browse experience and see business rules in action, before going live. Each product that has a rule associated with it will show a badge that communicates to the merchandiser why it’s there. Contexts like search and browse pages will notify you when rules are firing.

Simply drag and drop the product to its desired position or create business rules quickly by boosting, burying, adding, pinning and blocking from the search results page.

Experience Orchestration

Merchandisers can create pages with various types of zones, showing any content that is indexed by Fusion. These pages can be triggered by any search terms or filters the merchandiser chooses. A unified JSON response from Fusion returns all of the content for the page’s zones. Use Predictive Merchandiser to orchestrate the majority of your page or let it integrate with your existing experience management platform.

Rule Execution

Search developers can control business rule rewrites within query pipelines while still allowing merchandisers to override execution where necessary. This includes rules work to augment the search results, and returning products that didn’t match the original search terms, if needed.

Templates & Zones

Merchandisers create templates and set the triggers based on the context of a shopper’s search or browse. The precedence-level setting handles all conflicts between template triggers.

Add additional elements like spotlights or banners to a page when a shopper browses to a selected category context.

Landing Pages

Shoppers are entering your site on any page, not just the home page or a few curated landing pages. Take advantage of templates and zones to make any page a landing page, inheriting content based on the context of the page. For the additional high-traffic landing pages, trigger a different template that has an even more customized experience.

Facet Control

Merchandisers can use Set Facet rules in Predictive Merchandiser to set facets at various levels of the site’s navigation hierarchy.

If a facet should only be displayed for a subset of pages, that can be configured by boosting or blocking the facet values, moving the most useful selections to the top of the shopper’s navigation.

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Lenovo increased search-driven revenue by 175% with Lucidworks

“We don’t have to go in and validate that the results are good; our customers are telling us the results are good.”

Marc Desormeau, Global Search Lead, Lenovo


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Crate and Barrel

“We’ve noticed a higher conversion rate. There’s an increase in add to carts and order value as we are continuing to serve up more relevant items to our customers.”

Aaron Veit, Director of Digital Product Management, Crate & Barrel


KÜHL climbs the summit to YoY
revenue growth

KÜHL offers an effortless shopping experience using segmentation and personalization backed by Lucidworks Commerce solutions.


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