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It’s not a search tool. It’s a predictive answer engine.

AI-powered search and hyper-personalized applications aren’t just for dating and dining anymore. Bring them to the workplace for faster decisions, happier teams, and loyal customers.


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Enterprise Search in 2025

Discover the Future of AI and Search

Enterprise search technologies are evolving – but user expectations are evolving faster. Learn the four big breakthroughs in search – and how they will impact your business, now and in the years to come.


2019 Gartner Critical Capabilities Report 

Learn Why Lucidworks Fusion is Named The Highest Scoring Product in 3 of 4 Use Cases

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Gartner Crip Cap 2019 for Insight Engines

How a Digital Workplace Transformation Can Dramatically Improve Employee Engagement and Productivity

Collaborating across silos, across generations, across skill sets is hard. Lucidworks Fusion lets you connect your people to the documents, conversations and knowledge they need.

  • Decision-making with data
  • Personalized insight discovery
  • Employee engagement as millennials want it

Digital Transformation: Building a Business Case for AI-Powered Search

Is search an essential complement to traditional workflows, a nice-to-have, or an annoyance?

If it’s one of the latter two, you are missing an opportunity to give your people the power of AI and the insights they want. Learn how you can:

  • Use machine learning to connect employees to info at their exact moment of need.
  • Stoke team-member creativity by erasing hours of unproductive hunting for insights.
  • Predict and calculate ROI for your investment in AI-powered search.

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Connect Employees With Information

Not finding that one bit of data an employee needs to get a job done can stop progress dead in its tracks. SAS has 16,000 employees spread across the globe looking through 9M documents for information critical to complete their tasks.



Connect Users to Insights When They Need Them Most
  • Superior user experience
  • Real-time indexing
  • Hyper-personal relevance
  • Performance at scale

Fusion gives you:

  • Signal processing to train Machine Learning (ML) models
  • Personalized results across billions of documents and thousands of queries per second
  • Faster time-to-value using pre-built templates to create new apps


Ingest, Access, and Synchronize Data Securely in Real-time at Scale
  • Comprehensive data access
  • End-to-end security
  • Classification and clustering

Fusion gives you:

  • Improved search precision with entity extraction, clustering and classification
  • Greater access to sources of data and information
  • Reduced risk through secure access controls and user-level restrictions


Dramatically Improve Employee Engagement and Productivity
  • Visibility into how your team accesses data
  • Manual relevancy tuning
  • Personalized predictive recommendations

Fusion gives you:

  • Predictive curation so employees to find what they need, exactly when they need it
  • Natural language understanding so users can search like they speak
  • Self-learning system that provides improved search results with every click

The Hyper-Personalized Employee Experience

  • Bring consumer-like experiences to the workplace
  • Customize insight discovery
  • Improve employee engagement and retention

Lucidworks named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Cognitive Search, Q2 2019

Download Forrester’s 2019 Wave Report for Cognitive Search

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Enterprise Search: Know Before You Buy

Faceting is just one of over a dozen features every search application requires to succeed in the digital workplace. Read our shopping list of what’s required to deploy a consumer-grade experience with enterprise-grade results.

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Enterprise Search Buyer's Guide

AI-Powered Search for All of Your Data Services

Any source. Any data. AI-powered query analysis to bring your data together.


But Lucidworks turns that bowl of spaghetti into something simple, yet powerful. Data comes from everywhere. Searches have to know how to find the right information in the right form at the right time. Your people don’t care. They just want the insights, so our platform brings all your data together, predicts the searcher’s intent, and delivers the best result for each individual.

Your employees are what sets you apart. Are you connecting them the insights they need?  Today, that’s the only way to attract and retain the best people. Without that, someone else will serve your customers.

Explore the Lucidworks Fusion Platform

Lucidworks Fusion is the data discovery platform that gives users contextual, personally relevant search results and proactive recommendations with artificial intelligence that augments their human intelligence. Millions of users can discover insights at the moment they have a question, without any training, and even across billions of documents or records.

Data Ingest & Prep Server & Storage Intent Prediction App Creation
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Fusion 5.1 Now Available!

Our latest release extends Fusion’s cloud-native, microservices architecture to streamline development, simplify operations, and supercharge data science.

See it in action in our upcoming webinar!

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Lucidworks Fusion Pricing

Lucidworks offers pricing across three product tiers, either self-hosted by your team or as a Lucidworks managed service in the cloud with list prices calibrated to expected usage levels.

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Learn how Lucidworks AI-powered search can boost your business.

We’re ready to get you, and your customers to the knowledge they require. Talk to us about your unique needs, and we’ll come up with the AI search and discovery solutions that fit.

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