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At NRF 2021, Acquia announced Acquia Digital Commerce, together with partners Lucidworks and commercetools. Acquia Digital Commerce enables marketers to unify data, content, commerce, and digital merchandising into a single data layer to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience across the customer lifecycle.

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According to McKinsey, over 75% of U.S. consumers have changed shopping behavior and switched to new brands during the COVID-19 pandemic. Brands must also be able to connect and build upon each touchpoint to create a connected customer journey that drives loyalty, retention and lifetime value. With this in mind, Acquia built Acquia Digital Commerce, the industry’s only best-of-breed, open, composable commerce solution.

“As retailers adjust to a hybrid of in-person and online commerce shopping behaviors, solutions like Acquia Digital Commerce become even more valuable. By understanding customer segments and serving the right content and products at the right time on the right channel, retailers can reach customers with personal experiences that drive revenue.”

– Kevin Cochrane, SVP of product marketing, Acquia

Maximize Commerce Investments with Acquia Digital Commerce

Product discovery is more than returning results when a customer searches for something. Brands must understand shopper intent to deliver personalized recommendations across all channels. Those that can capture customer signals and apply those insights in real-time see significant business benefits. For example, after Lucidworks customer Lenovo deployed Lucidworks CXC for Product Discovery, they saw a 73% increase in search engagement, 93% increase in CTR, and a 35% increase in conversion rate.

While this type of omnichannel personalization remains a top priority for brands, most companies lack the ability to optimize digital experiences in real-time, leading to missed revenue, unhappy shoppers, and frustrated employees. Acquia Digital Commerce relies on Acquia Open DXP, commercetools and Lucidworks to provide merchandisers and marketers with a single-layer view of all the information they need to make more informed decisions that serve their unique customer base.

“By leveraging the market-leading solutions offered by commercetools, Acquia and Lucidworks, retailers can quickly and effectively engage with end-consumers by composing relevant shopping experiences to meet customers’ on their own terms. It’s more important than ever to be able to pivot quickly, and our joint solution offers exactly that.”

– Kelly Goetsch, Chief Product Officer, commercetools

Lucidworks Connected Experience Cloud for Product Discovery

One of the most valuable features Lucidworks brings to the Acquia DX Alliance is its advanced machine learning capabilities. Lucidworks CXC utilizes one of the broadest combinations of ML techniques in the industry, including NLP, Named Entity Recognition, Deep Learning Sentiment Analysis, self learning and relevancy tuning. This allows us to deliver extremely relevant results to our users and ensure the system continuously improves based on usage.

Another key feature that we bring to the partnership is our explainable AI. We don’t simply offer raw AI horsepower. We make artificial intelligence accessible through a bring-your-own algorithm approach—explainable AI that avoids the pitfalls of a black box approach. Plus, other usability tools that streamline deployment such as the data science toolkit and applications like Predictive Merchandiser.

Omnichannel Personalization for the New Decade

It’s been a mixed year for retail, but our customers’ success over the holidays and over the course of 2020 is proof of ROI for omnichannel personalization technology and the value of Acquia Digital Commerce. We’re excited to be part of this best-of-breed solution to help customers maximize the value of their commerce investments.

Interested in learning more about Acquia Digital Commerce? Check out Acquia’s blog post here. Plus, sign up for Activate Product Discovery on March 18th to learn how to operationalize machine learning to understand shopper intent and accelerate the path to purchase.

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