Fusion’s 5.3 latest release enhances digital experiences with out-of-the-box merchandising templates and AI recommenders. Fusion 5.3, available now, improves upon existing merchandiser tools to drive conversions and deliver personalized, omnichannel recommendations to shoppers- especially important during this online-heavy holiday shopping season.

Orchestrate Experience Presentation With Prebuilt Templates

Managing your landing pages has never been easier with Fusion 5.3. Teams no longer need to modify strings of code – they can now leverage Predictive Merchandiser’s zone templates to stage or publish web page changes in the same manner as would rules.

Predictive Merchandiser’s templates provide default query pipelines and profiles that allow brands to place zones when data is indexed – in real time.

Enhance Personalization and Context Awareness

In addition to easily orchestrating your experience presentation, Fusion 5.3 enhances personalization with expanded recommendation capabilities that deliver signal-based recommendations within a short running time. The newest version of Fusion also includes new AI recommenders that recommend trending documents and products to end users.

Customers can combine this new functionality with Fusion’s zone templates to improve conversion rates by recommending popular trending products that align to a user’s interest and intent. If a brand doesn’t have enough signal data for recommendations, they can leverage Fusion’s prebuilt signals and/or content similarities to deliver cold-start recommendations.

Additional Features in 5.3

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