Lucidworks built its latest integration with generative AI for B2B commerce and manufacturing organizations. According to a recent survey, one of the most expected impacts of generative AI in B2B manufacturing is improvements in business operations. This makes sense considering how complex B2B purchases often are and the extensive information that’s required.

In our Field Guide we explain why generative AI isn’t just a plug-and-play solution. It’s critical to ground AI-generated responses in truth, a capability that Lucidworks‘ Fusion platform offers. Unlike relying on open-ended AI models alone, the integrated solution combines retrieval and generation to ensure accurate and relevant answers.

Discover Generative AI and Fusion in Action

To demonstrate the power of these concepts, Lucidworks VP of Sales Engineering conducted a live demo using New Pig, a B2B commerce company specializing in industrial supplies. Check out the video to get an inside look at how users can interact with AI systems to get detailed information about products, compatibility, disposal, and more.

How to Implement AI in B2B Commerce Expriences

There are three key ways to leverage Fusion and generative AI B2B commerce and manufacturing:

  • Question Answering and Personalization: Large language models can help users get accurate answers to intricate questions about products, compatibility, usage, and more. The AI system understands questions and grounds responses in the truth, accelerating the path to purchase.
  • Content Enrichment: Lucidworks Fusion can enrich content by summarizing lengthy documents to help users understand the information more quickly. Additionally, AI can provide suggestions and refine users’ queries, improving relevance and accuracy.
  • Understanding and Personalization: Beyond question-answering, AI undersatnds the context behind questions and support personalization to tailor marketing and communication strategies.

The possibilities that AI brings to the B2B commerce sector are only limited to our imagination. 93% of B2B companies plan to invest in generative AI in the next 12 months. AI decision makers should move quickly to stay competitive. By integrating AI with platforms like Lucidworks’ fusion, businesses can provide faster, more accurate, and personalized solutions to their customers’ queries, ultimately leading to a more satisfying B2B customer experience.

If you’re new to the applications of generative AI in workplace applications, customer experience, or customer service, check out our Field Guide for a great primer. Interested in the other demos that are a part of this series? Be sure to check out Part 1 for Ecommerce and Part 2 for Healthcare.

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