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How Personalization Beats Segmentation to Create the Next Best Experience

Customers increasingly expect personalized and engaging experiences that provide value at every step of their journey.

Static and incoherent results are outcomes of using traditional methods of segmentation, grouping individuals in cohorts, and treating everyone in the group similarly. Modern 1-to-1 personalization beats segmentation because it predicts each customer’s intent with AI, based on their own dynamic preferences and behaviors, taking immediate action to deliver relevant next-best-experiences.

Marketers and customer insights professionals must rethink segmentation strategies in light of this new personalization paradigm. AI trained on unstructured data from external sources adds more context and confidence to internal data about customer behavior. Personalization yields far greater conversion, retention, satisfaction, and ultimately, revenue.

Hear from our guest speaker Forrester Analyst, Brandon Purcell, and Lucidworks VP of Product Marketing, Justin Sears, to:

  • Discover how AI enables smarter insights about customers
  • Explore new approaches to personalization leveraging search and AI
  • Understand why marketers and customer insight pros need to rethink segmentation strategies in favor of a more personalized approach


  • Brandon Purcell Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Justin Sears VP of Product Marketing, Lucidworks
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